Climate Change

October 8, 2017

By now, most people have heard the words climate change or global warming. In simple terms, global warming is the rapid increase in earth’s average temperature over the last 70 years compared to previous thousands of years. This temperature increase and its effects on the climate are together called Climate Change.



Rising temperature

Since 1950s, the global average temperatures have increased rapidly. 1

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Current State of the World

October 5, 2017

In the following series of posts, I plan to write, as simply as possible, about the current state of the world as I understand it, the problems we face and what we can do about them. My hope is that they are informative without being difficult and generate discussions, debates (and even actions) from anyone who cares to read them.

These days, it is hard to figure out after reading the news if we are moving forward in the right direction or if we are headed for a big disaster. In fact, it is hard to even know which direction is forward. Some people say that it depends on how you look at it – is the glass half-full or half-empty? But that doesn’t make sense. If tomorrow, country A drops nuclear bombs on country B, all glasses in country B will be broken, weather half full or half empty. The point is that there is a reality that is independent of our perception and trying to understand it is a worthwhile exercise. read more …